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What Should You Wear to Think Straight Focussing on EMBODIED COGNITION

There is a reason why as a child, you were made to change out of your pyjamas and into a different outfit for school. What you wear has a huge impact on how you feel, your behaviour, and your cognition. Researchers at Northwestern University have found that the clothing we wear affects our psychological states and performance levels. What we wear can impact our productivity and cognitive abilities! That being said, let’s find out what embodied cognition is.

Embodied cognition experts discovered that our thought processes are based on physical experiences that trigger associated abstract concepts. Clothing affects our psychological state and can improve our performance on tasks; there is proof that pairs well with this promising statement. A study was conducted to find out whether different types of uniforms resulted in different cognitive improvements. People who wore white medical coats were able to focus better, but people who wore a painter’s coat focussed less on a given task. Coming to think of it, some jobs that require much more hands-on labour and less detail-oriented tasks may ask employees to wear ‘casual’ clothing, whereas office jobs require you to wear more formal clothing to aid employees with focussing.

Another aspect of embodied cognition is that the state and position of our body can influence our self-perception. For example, doing work at a desk can make you feel more capable than ticking off tasks in your bed. These little things such as where you are, how you are sitting, and what you are wearing can be cognitive game-changers.

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