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What is Personalized Learning and Why Should Every Parent Know About It?

What you need to know about one of the most controversial trends in K-12 education

What is personalized learning?

Personalized learning is very diverse. It includes using software that adapts to a student’s skill level, and for teachers, it is a digital tool that helps inform how to better educate students. Outside the world of technology, personalized learning can even mean allowing students to have a say in what projects they want to take on and how they want to present their work.

What is the purpose of personalized learning?

The hope is, that each child’s educational needs are tended to. When you think back on your own childhood, do you remember feeling like you were passionate about the exact same subjects as your friends? Or did you feel like everyone was a visual learner? It is very unlikely! It is impractical to prescribe a cookie-cutter method for teaching every child when every child is different. By tending to their individual needs, each child is more likely to succeed!

Do personalized learning practices actually work?

The short answer is-- there is not enough research on how efficient this learning technique is. Personalized learning, being so subjective and diverse, is hard to keep track of. It is important to keep in mind that in every classroom, there are a handful of children who could really benefit from personalized learning. There are also children who could benefit from conventional learning environments. Both groups should be acknowledged!

Why is it important for parents to know about personalized learning?

While the school your child attends may or may not be incorporating it, personalized learning can also be applied at home. Education isn’t limited to school grounds, which is why it is important for parents to stay up to date with new learning methods. If your child is struggling with certain subjects or homework assignments, have a conversation with them and explore how they can better understand concepts.

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