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What is Inside Bill’s Brain?

An Insight Into Success Traits in the Brain

A Netflix documentary series titled Inside Bill’s Brain highlights the workings of Bill Gates’s mind, work and success. In the final scene of the series, Mary Maxwell Gates, Bill’s mother, offers the audience a word of advice: “Each one of us has to start out with developing his or her own definition of success, and when we have these specific expectations of ourselves, we’re more likely to live up to them.”

Once you come up with your own definition of success, how can we help our brain function in a way that will help us achieve our goals?

Here are a few things we can learn from Bill Gates’s habits, and how they help his brain.

  1. Relentless Optimism: Bill Gates was nicknamed “Happy Boy” as a child since he was always positive even during periods of stress. Maintaining a positive attitude does not mean not acknowledging the stresses in your life, it is merely attempting to shift your perspective in order to give your mind some relief from the stress. A brain that is under reduced stress is able to focus on solutions. A goal-oriented and optimistic mindset is one of the keys to success.

  2. Make Time to Unplug: Once a year, Bill retreats to the Hood Canal where he has a “think week.” A “think week” involves being away from all devices, and just burying yourself in books, research and your thoughts. It is important to spend some time unplugged, away from devices and distractions, and allow yourself to reset and envision your next goals and how to tackle them.

  3. Spend Restful Time with Loved Ones: Apart from “think week,” Bill also learned later on how important it was to take real breaks where he spends time with his wife and children. It is beneficial to take breaks during the weekend, go on a holiday or staycation, and indulge in things that turn your mind completely and let you relax. Your brain will surely thank you for it when you are able to return to your work feeling refreshed and energized. Moreover, spending time with people you love is beneficial because of the serotonin released when socializing with people that recharge you.

While Bill Gates has a lot of important lessons to share with the world, and everything listed above is good to keep in mind, there is another tool that will surely help you with success. Mybraindesign’s brain mapping tools will help you understand your unique mind and will inform you how to best tackle your goals. Learning about your brain patterns can support you!

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