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This go-to place for videos is not naturally child-friendly!

How to make YouTube safer for children.

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms out there. Its highly stimulating digital landscape has children clicking in and out of different videos every few seconds. Children being the sponges that they are, soak up so much of what they see. One second they could be watching Cocomelon and the next they have moved on to a Sesame Street sing-along.

But, what if they click on something that was not safe for them to watch?

What can parents do to make YouTube a better place for Children to browse on?

  1. Use the YouTube Kids App: While the content on the YouTube Kids app still ought to be monitored from time to time, given the somewhat faulty algorithm, this space can also be a safe place for children to view their favourite child-friendly cartoons and musicals!

  2. Adjusting the content level: YouTube allows you to play around with several settings in order to adjust the content your child is exposed to. In order to provide the safest viewing experience for your child, you can select ‘Approved content only, ensuring that the videos your child watches are ones you have approved.

  3. Blocking inappropriate content: Even with measures in place, you may come across a video that isn’t age-appropriate for your child. You can block these videos by clicking on the three dots in the upper-right-hand corner and clicking on the ‘block’ option so it no longer shows in the app for your child.

  4. Create custom playlists: You can curate your child’s content ahead of time by creating a playlist with videos that you approve of. Adding and managing playlists is an easy process and can be done by searching YouTube for the videos you want and then using the ‘save’ button to add them to a playlist.

While it can be nerve-racking to allow your child on YouTube, with these tools in hand you can use YouTube to your advantage by helping your child understand how to use technology safely.

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