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These Futuristic Toys Come with their Own Set of Cons: VR Toys

Are VR Toys Safe for Children?

Virtual Reality headsets have been the talk of the town since their popularisation in the 2010s. Many of these headsets come with age restrictions, sparking the conversation about whether they are safe for children? Most companies have restricted the age group to 12-13+ but have offered no explanation as to why the restrictions are in place.

So, what could the big concern be? 1. VR toys are very entertaining, and simultaneously can be very addicting. The ability to immerse oneself in a game or a fantasy setting (through VR videos and movies), can make children want to spend more time in a different reality altogether.

2. VR headsets compromise vision because of exposure to stereoscopic imagery that strains the eyes.

3. VR games can change the way children socialize. Many children might prefer spending time with online friends, rather than spending time with friends going outside. Although having online friends, in a supervised and safe environment, can be great for introverted children, extended periods online can affect the development of social skills if it’s not done in moderation.

Are There Any Benefits to VR Toys?

Of course! VR toys are very durable and last for a long time, can be a great source of entertainment and even education. Many science and nature documentaries have released VR films that offer the audience immersive educative experiences. Children can understand environments that they couldn’t comprehend simply through small images in textbooks, and this can be a very positive experience for them.

Long story short, these gadgets can be beneficial if used in moderation!

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