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How to Truly Meditate for a Rocking Life - Separating Meditation from Mindfulness.

Somewhere in the midst of mindfulness’s popularity, the true meaning of meditation was mixed up. While mindfulness has its own benefits, it is not meditation. Meditation is an umbrella term for many activities in the Buddhist tradition. Let’s take a look at a few that could benefit your life tenfold.

  1. A common meditation to practice is concentration meditation which involves focussing on a single aspect such as your breath, a mantra, a sound (such as a gong), or counting beads on a mala. Your mind will tempt you to think of a long list of other things in the beginning, so start this practice for a few minutes and go up from there. If you find yourself distracted from the aspect you have chosen to focus on, simply refocus your awareness. The benefit of concentration meditation is the ability to let go of trivial matters and focus on parts of your life that deserve your attention.

  2. Another popular meditation practice amongst beginners is guided meditation. This practice involves a guide or teacher who suggests what to focus on or visualize. You can even find guided meditation practices for free on YouTube. This form of mediation is best for relaxation.

  3. Vipassana Meditation is an ancient Indian practice. Vipassana means to see things as they really are. This 2500-year-old practice aims at self-transformation through observation. By focussing your attention on physical sensations, a deep connection between mind and body is established.

  4. Chakra Meditation is another ancient Indian practice. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates to “wheel.” Each chakra is located at a different part of the body along the spine, and each has a corresponding colour. Chakra meditation aims towards balancing the chakras by visually picturing each chakra in the body and its corresponding colour.

Meditation is an absolutely crucial part of mental wellbeing and spiritual hygiene. You won’t regret adding this practice into your daily life!

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