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Great Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset for Children

Learning how to unlock their true learning potential

A growth mindset is a tendency to believe that you can grow. A fixed mindset is one where you assume your character and intelligence, etc., cannot be changed. Growth mindsets thrive in challenging scenarios and see failure as an opportunity to improve and tackle problems again once skills have been bettered.

A growth mindset can be extremely beneficial to children and how can we help them adopt this perspective?

  • Sit down with your child and ask them to write out a list of possible tasks and achievements that they would be interested in tackling. This helps in developing ambition and allows them to entertain the idea that they can do things they put their mind to.

  • When your child makes a mistake in assignments, ask them what they learned from it instead of moving on to the next problem. Reflecting on why they made a mistake and realizing what concepts need brushing up is a great starting point for a lifetime habit of reflecting when making mistakes. They can learn that it is okay to not succeed because they can get up, improve, and try again!

  • Adopt a growth mindset language by replacing the word ‘failing’ with the word ‘learning.’ Also, adopt the word ‘yet’ into your daily dictionary! For example: If your child is struggling to master a concept in school, support them by saying “You haven’t mastered it yet.” This language is key in creating a sense of hope and self-belief in them.

  • Learn about the concept of brain plasticity and try to talk to them about it. The brain isn’t a fixed organ, so the mind shouldn’t be either. This is an important lesson for everyone to understand!

  • Value the process over the end result: Make the learning process fun and meaningful and don’t focus on the end goal. Instead, focus on the tools learned along the way such as discipline and persistence.

Equipped with a growth mindset, your child will be in for a very meaningful and successful journey in school and in life!

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