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Everything in Moderation-- Even Homework

A breakdown of how much homework to give your students

Parents and educators share knowledge regarding the benefits of homework. Homework helps students review lessons they learnt in class, and it even reveals parts of lessons they didn’t understand as well as they thought. While we can agree that homework is fine, we must also keep in mind that there is such a thing as too much homework.

For a younger child, less homework is much more beneficial. The same cannot be said for a High School student, where a little more homework is helpful. Elementary School students should develop a love for learning, and their curiosity should not be suppressed by hours of assignments that weigh their backpacks. As students mature into Middle School, they are usually assigned more homework to help them process newer and more complex lessons. High Schoolers are progressively becoming independent learners, so a higher homework load is beneficial. That being said, homework shouldn’t be excessive for this group either.

Teachers should also keep in mind that students don’t have equal opportunities to finish their work at home, so incomplete homework may not be a reflection of a lack of work ethic, but instead a private situation that hinders their progress.

How should teachers determine how much is too much? If each teacher assigns 30 minutes of homework for their respective subjects, then in total that could mean 3-4 hours of homework every evening. Teachers instead should work together in determining how much homework to give per week.

What role do parents play? Homework is a great medium in which parents can get involved with their child’s learning. It will also help parents understand what their child’s strengths and interests are. Parents who are more involved with homework, and create a caring and supportive learning environment at home, benefit their children.

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