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Brilliant Ways to Create a Brain-Friendly Classroom

Brain-friendly classrooms are more crucial than you would have considered!

It is very important for educators to use classroom strategies that cultivate a positive learning experience. It is a must to create learning environments where anxiety is lowered and enough challenge and novelty are provided to students for brain stimulation.

Here are several ways to create a brain-friendly classroom

  1. Make lessons relevant to the curriculum and make them as clear as possible. The moment anything seems irrelevant to students, they are unlikely to pay attention. Moreover, make it clear when introducing new lessons that there is a reason why this knowledge is being imparted to you and this is why it is important you know this. Students should be able to answer the question of why they are learning what they are learning, and why it matters. Without this, they will struggle to find themselves motivated and inspired to stay focussed on the lesson at hand.

  2. Breaks are productive so make sure to incorporate spaces where they can have a breather. Incorporate a space in the classroom where they can take 5 minutes to socialize, stretch and be creative.

  3. Help students create positive associations with the classroom. The brain works through feedback loops that create associations. The less negative and stressful their classroom is, the less they associate it with fear. Create an environment where children are supported and are given compassion and motivation to overcome their struggles.

  4. Make progress visible by creating a chart showcasing how far they are advancing in the lesson or chapter. Visible progress checklists release dopamine, giving self-efficacy a chance to develop. Additionally, students can build more positive memories in the classroom as they can feel satisfied that progress is being made.

By creating a brain-friendly classroom, you are allowing children to have amazing educative experiences and harbour a positive association with their school that they will carry with them into their further education!

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