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AR Toys that Can Sky-Rocket your Child’s Knowledge

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

AR toys are on the rise anyway, why not use them for education?

Every tech tool comes with its set of pros and cons. But, wouldn’t it be silly of us to not use some of these toys for the benefit of children, especially when it can help boost their education?

Still feeling skeptical? Keep reading to find the best AR toys that can add to your child’s wealth of knowledge!

  1. Hologram Toys: These toys allow children to grasp digital 3D objects by projecting holograms. Some toys also offer 100 science simulations to help your child with STEM subjects!

  2. AR Coding Robots: Coding robot toys come with intuitive software including engaging coding tutorials, as well as playtime. This futuristic toy engages children’s imagination and creativity while helping them improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It also enhances hand-eye coordination and logic by linking innovative robotic tech with play patterns.

  3. AR Encyclopedia Books: AR Encyclopedia books expand on topics such as space, meteorology, robots and present-day and prehistoric wildlife. These books are used alongside tablets. As you flip the pages, digital content appears on the tablet, creating a very stimulating learning experience. Children’s visual and auditory senses are triggered, allowing them to feel excited to learn more.

  4. AR Colouring Books: AR interactive colouring books are very exciting. Children can colour their favourite animals and objects and then watch as their creation comes to life with the help of an app! This can help harbour curiosity in learning more about shapes, colours and how particular objects and animals move and sound!

  5. AR Globe Toys: Take your child on a trip around the world! This toy allows your child to scan a globe with an app. The world is then brought to life with visual storytelling. As they hover over a country, that country’s music, animal facts, historical monuments and relevant quizzes pop up. The toy also helps your child learn about the food chain and how to keep national parks clean and sustainable. The app also offers quizzes on the world, globe puzzles and global scavenger hunts.

If the future includes AR, why not make use of it for the sake of education!

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